kitchen sank

4 June 2009



5 Responses to “kitchen sank”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey! Está alguem ai?

  2. Lydia Says:

    gone fishing?.. long time no see .)
    Lyd from aminus3

  3. John Masters Says:

    I like this a lot – the bricks in the light really snap and the shadows which you do so well. Hope you have a great weekend – John

  4. Natalia Says:

    Esta foto es linda. Pero por qué no pones otra nueva?

  5. jodua Says:

    Anonymous: Estava, deixou de estar, está de novo e logo se verá se estará para estar 😉

    Lydia: well, well.. hi there. so it seems those words apply to u 2. i guess fishing is turning into an atractive business lately, mm?

    John: Hi John and thanks for stopping by again. I know i’m late, but now it’s my turn to wish u a great week with lots of inspired shootings.

    Natalia: Done :-*

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